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Happy Families

Secrets to having a happy family relationship lies in each and every individual of that particular family unit. No one can do it alone. Family ties are the most important relationship for any person.

1) Cultivate Kindness
In relationships, the little things are the big things. They go a long way toward building trust and unconditional love. Try using words of courtesy such as 'thank you' and 'please'. Or unexpected acts of service, such as helping an old lady to cross the road. Or finding little ways to express love, such as tucking a note in a briefcase or file folder.

2) Apologize>br> Nothing tests our capacity to initiate a change as much as saying 'I'm sorry' to another person. Sometimes apologizing is incredibly hard, but give it a try.

3) Loyalty
Loyal to family members when they are not present. Talk about others as if they were there. Don't discuss somebody's weaknesses when he or she is not around. Try focusing on the positive if someone else is doing the talking.

4) Make-and-Keep Promises
Just think about it. How much excitement, anticipation and hopes are created by a promise! And promises made to family are the most vital and tender.

5) Don't Forget To Forgive
When you forgive, you open the channels for trust and unconditional love. You cleanse your heart. Forgiving someone else for the mistakes that they have done is more than anyone could have ask for.


  Happy Families
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