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Steps to Happiness

1) Savor The Moment
Treasure a smile, the satisfaction of helping a friend who's in trouble, the pleasure of curling up with someone special, the joy of reading a good book. Feel happy as to what you're enjoying at the moment.

2) Take Control of Your Time
Happy people tend to set big goals, then break them into a daily routine. For instance, writing a 300-page book is a formidable task for even the best writer; spinning out 2 pages daily is quite easy. Repeat the process. This principle can be applied to any task.

3) Accentuate The Positives
Negative emotions lashes back at us, while positive ones can boost the body's healing process. Take steps to keep your negative emotions in check. Sulking won't help. Don't worry be happy!

4) Give Priority To Close Relationships
People with close friends, partners cope better with stresses. Try naming 5 close friends that you have. If you can, you're more likely to be 'very happy' than those who can't. Close friends will help you when you're feeling down and when you need someone to talk to.

5) Act Happy
People who put on a happy face really do feel better. It seems that facial muscles used to smile widely actually trigger happy feelings in the brain. Remember, it takes more muscles to frown/sulk as compared to smiling.

6) Stop Vegetating
Don't engage in self-absorbed idleness or park yourself in front of the TV/computer screen. Get involved in something that utilises your skills. Exercise!

7) Get Rest
Happy people exude vigor, but they also reserve time for sleep and solitude.

8) Take Care of the Soul
Don't indulge in drugs or alcohol. Try to keep a healthy image. Have faith in yourself.


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